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Coming Soon

If your case or PSU is not listed on our site, we do not currently sell custom cables for it, with the exception of choose-your-own-length extension cables.

Below is a list of the different cases & components we are planning to make cables for in the future.


Cases & Components We Are Planning to Support in the Near Future

- Lian Li O11D Mini cables

- Cables for the Mjolnir - when case is launched and delivered


New Products Available AND More Coming Soon!

We are pleased to offer new cables: Choose your own length custom extension cables! These extension cables will be available as 24 pin cables, 6 and 8 pin PCIE cables, and EPS cables for a variety of cases and components. Simply pick the length you prefer, share your component details, and we'll do the rest!

We are currently offering sleeved versions of these cables, which can be found here

New Unsleeved Wire Colors Coming Soon!

Soon, we will offer the same cables in a variety of unsleeved wire colors. Thanks to your input in our poll, we'll be announcing those colors and posting the custom length unsleeved cables for sale very soon!

Unsleeved cables will soon be offered in: gray, red, and yellow!

Black, White, Green, Purple, and Blue are already available! Get yours today!


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