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Frequently Asked Questions

General Cable Questions

Do the Corsair SF450/SF600/SF750 cables work for both the gold and platinum versions of the PSU?

Why do you ask for my motherboard model?

Why do you ask for my GPU model?

What are the sense wires?

Why does the 24 pin cable for my PSU appear unavailable when selecting 'No' for sense wires?

Why do you ask for my specific Silverstone PSU model?

What are the advantages of choosing a 4+4 connector for the EPS/CPU cable instead of an 8 pin?

Do you offer sleeved SATA data cables?

Do you have any “B stock” or pre-made cables?

Do you make cables for the Dan A4 with Asetek 545LC/645LT below the PSU?


Do you offer rush processing?

Will you ship to my country?

What are your shipping rates to my country?