Asus ROG Loki PSU added to Choose Your Length unsleeved cables

 On May 6th, we added the Loki 750W/850W/1000W PSUs as an option to our Choose Your Length cables!


Sleeved Power Switches To Be Discontinued

The last day to purchase our sleeved power switch products will be on March 8th, 2023. All sleeved power switches will be unavailable starting on March 9th. We will still continue to sell our unsleeved power switches!

Some variants of power switches are currently sold out and will not return to the store. Please see our unsleeved power switches for matching items that are in stock.

This has been a tough decision for us, but we've decided to move on from sleeved switches to focus more of our time getting our paracord sleeved custom PSU cables crafted and shipped!


Tan Paracord has been REPLACED!!

Unfortunately, paracord manufacturers (believe us, we've checked) are no longer making the Tan color paracord that you know and love, and is most commonly used in our "Noctua" themed cables. After searching and doing multiple tests with replacement paracord, we have decided to discontinue Tan altogether, since we cannot get the correct color.

Instead, we have replaced it with CREAM colored paracord. 

Here's how that new Cream color looks with a classic Noctua fan:

Sorry for the inconvenience - we are disappointed, but hope that this will be an acceptable replacement for everyone!


Silver Wire Has Been Discontinued