SALE! Use code BUNDLE15 at checkout for 15% off an order of four or more sleeved cables!


15% Off Sleeved Cable Bundles!

Ready to order an entire "set" of paracord sleeved custom cables for your SFFPC?

We are now offering Cable Bundles, where you can receive 15% off the price of your order of four or more sleeved cables when you use the code BUNDLE15 at checkout!

The code also applies to Power Switches and Sleeved Nvidia 12 pin PCIE cables!

*please note that we cannot retroactively apply the bundle discount*

The discount expires on September 30th at 11:59 PM EDT.


New Products Available!

We are pleased to offer new cables: Choose your own length custom extension cables! These sleeved extension cables will be available as 24 pin cables, 6 and 8 pin PCIE cables, and EPS cables for a variety of cases and components. Simply pick the length you prefer, share your component details, and we'll do the rest!

We are currently offering sleeved versions of these cables, which can be found here , as well as unsleeved Choose Your Length cables, which can be found here.

The unsleeved Choose Your Length cables will be available as 24 pin cables, 6 and 8 pin PCIE cables, EPS cables, 12 pin cables, Single SATA cables, as well as Molex cables.

This new product collection will allow us to us craft cables for a variety of power supply models including the Seasonic Focus SGX series, Fractal Ion, Lian-Li SP750, and Enermax Revolution in addition to our normal Corsair, Silverstone, Cooler Master and EVGA offerings.


Tan Paracord has been REPLACED!!

Unfortunately, paracord manufacturers (believe us, we've checked) are no longer making the Tan color paracord that you know and love, and is most commonly used in our "Noctua" themed cables. After searching and doing multiple tests with replacement paracord, we have decided to discontinue Tan altogether, since we cannot get the correct color.

Instead, we have replaced it with CREAM colored paracord. 

Here's how that new Cream color looks with a classic Noctua fan:

Sorry for the inconvenience - we are disappointed, but hope that this will be an acceptable replacement for everyone!


Congratulations to the first ever pslate customs Cable-lympics Medalists!

View the winners of the PC Build / Battlestation and Cable Design events!



New Unsleeved Wire Colors ARE HERE!

We currently offer Black, Blue, and Purple, White, and Red unsleeved cables!  


See more at our COMING SOON page here.


Silver Wire Has Been Discontinued